It's your turn to cook and you're looking for inspiration? Cookidoo® has the answer! Here you'll find thousands of Thermomix® recipes in a matter of seconds. Now you can cook new meals or even create your own recipes that you and your family will love. On your marks, get set, GO!

Cookidoo® Things to know about

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Cookidoo® account and Membership

  • How to register new on Cookidoo®. 

      To register on Cookidoo, you need an active e-mail address. Please note that your existing login data for other Vorwerk sites, e.g. online store, cannot be used for logging in on Cookidoo. You h...

  • Handling my devices and Cookidoo®

    How many devices can I use and manage in my Cookidoo® account? You can add up to five devices for synchronization with your Cookidoo® account, e.g. three Cook-Keys® and two TM6 appliances, or 5 ...

  • Handling my Cookidoo® account

    How to register To register an account on Cookidoo® you need to use your email address. Please check (Artikel: How to find the right platform), to select the correct one for your needs. Select ...

  • The Cookidoo® subscription

    Which subscription types are available 1. When you register on Cookidoo®, you will receive a free 30-day trial subscription, with free access to all Cookidoo® content. This trial automatically e...

  • Payment and payment methods Cookidoo®

    Payment methods You have the possibility to use credit card or Paypal to purchase your anual subscription. For credit card payment it is neccessary that you have activated the 3D-secure for your...

  • What happens when I cancel my Cookidoo® subscription? What happens to my recipes?

    Using Cookidoo® recipes after subscription expiration.  After the expiration of your Cookidoo® subscription, all the Cookidoo® recipes in your personal library, Recipe lists, and marked recipes ar...

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Cookidoo® synchronization & Connection


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Cookidoo® Recipes

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Cookidoo® App

  • How to handle the Cookidoo® App.

    The Cookidoo® App gives you access to the amazing world of Cookidoo® at your fingertips. Opening the App, you will recognize the following navigation icons.   Discover  Explore Cookidoo in the di...

  • Cookidoo® App for Android and iOS

    We are happy to present to you the Official Cookidoo® App for Android and iOS. With the Official Cookidoo app, you will be able to access, plan, and check the ingredients of a favorite meal even in...