Thanks to the latest components and extensive equipment, the Kobold robot is a true powerhouse. He works as you expect from a Kobold: powerful and efficient. It reliably cleans all floors. Effortlessly he reaches every corner, easily overcomes obstacles and even cleans under flat furniture.

Apps & Software

  • New update of Kobold Robot App

    In our continuous effort to provide you with new functionalities, support, and a better experience, we present to you the latest updates of the Kobold Robot app for Android and iOS devices. What...

  • Why does the error message "Software does not fit the model" appear when updating my robot?

    The robot must be at the base for the "Over the Air" update. If it is not, and you want to perform the update, you will get a message that the update did not work because the software does not fit ...

  • How can I check my app version?

    In order to check the version of your app, please open it, enter the "Menu" and in "Settings" just scroll down. There, the version of your app shall be displayed.

  • In what countries is the Kobold Robot App supported?

    With each release of a new version of the app, a note is issued. It contains all countries that support the Kobold Robot App. If a specific country is not part of the official distribution channel,...

  • Robot - What's new?

    Kobold VR300 software version 4.4.1. update brings the following improvements to your Kobold VR300: With this version of the Kobold VR300 software it is possible to switch off the robot sounds in c...

  • How can I update my robot vacuum cleaner?

    If you want to update your Kobold robot vacuum cleaner:- for the VR100 and VR200 models, you can download and install the update from our websiteKOBOLD ROBOT SoftwareThere, you will also find preci...

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  • How long is the warranty for my Vorwerk appliance?

    The statutory warranty is dependent by the laws of the country in which you bought the product. The warranty period begins from the moment the appliance is delivered. To assert your rights under th...

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