Vorwerk's Thermomix ® is a unique food processor/appliance that lets you learn new culinary routes and unleash your potential as a chef while saving time and effort. It is enormously powerful, versatile and innovative and takes a lot of work off your cooking.

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  • My Thermomix® TM5 is showing a system message.

    System messages occasionally appear on the display of the Thermomix ® TM5. This does not mean that your appliance is faulty. These are usually recommendations for action which you can recognize in ...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 2000 - 2999

    System Codes Screen Message ADVICE 2002 Stop Thermomix® to start mode Please restart the recipe and follow the instructions of Guided Cooking. Another solution is to finish the recipe manuall...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 1000 - 1999

    System Messages Screen Message ADVICE 1101 Software update failed and the previous version was restored. Please retry after next reboot. Please check that your Internet connection is working o...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 700 - 999

    System Messages Screen Message ADVICE 702 Connection lost. Reconnect via WiFi settings and try again. Check your internet connection by restarting your internet router. If you are using your m...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 400 - 699

    System Messages Screen Message ADVICE 400 No Message, System Code displayed only If the error persists for a week, please contact customer service. 401 No Message, System Code displayed only...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 300 - 399

    System Messages Screen Message ADVICE 381 Not compatible bowl inserted. The TM6 bowl inserted supports a different voltage range than your Thermomix®. Make sure you use the right bowl with the...

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