Vorwerk's Thermomix ® is a unique food processor/appliance that lets you learn new culinary routes and unleash your potential as a chef while saving time and effort. It is enormously powerful, versatile and innovative and takes a lot of work off your cooking.

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  • My Thermomix® TM5 is showing a system message.

    System messages occasionally appear on the display of the Thermomix ® TM5. This does not mean that your appliance is faulty. These are usually recommendations for action which you can recognize in ...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 2000 - 2999

    2002 Screen Message ADVICE  Stop Thermomix® to start mode  Please restart the recipe and follow the instructions of Guided Cooking.Another solution is to finish the recipe manually.If the pr...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 1000 - 1999

    To perform a factory reset, access Main Menu SETTINGS of your TM6, scroll down until the end of the list, select Reset Factory Settings, and choose Reset. 1000 Screen Message ADVICE  No Mess...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 700 - 999

    700 Screen Message ADVICE  Wi-Fi connection to router could not be established.  Check your internet connection by restarting your internet router. If you are using your mobile phone as a ho...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 400 - 699

    400 Screen Message ADVICE   No Message, System Code displayed only   If the error persists for a week, please contact customer service. 401 Screen Message ADVICE   No Message...

  • Thermomix® TM6 System Messages 300 - 399

    System Messages Screen Message ADVICE 381 Not compatible bowl inserted. The TM6 bowl inserted supports a different voltage range than your Thermomix®. Make sure you use the right bowl with the...

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